Yousef M. Al-Dossary & Sons Holding Group Co. is considered as one of the largest groups in the Kingdom in 1432 AH, Started its contracting business with limited projects in Saudi Aramco and Ministry of Water. Through the group development, it became an owner of a fleet of cars and gas stations, real estate and Residential Buildings, that became the largest and most important group in the Eastern Region.

With the development of the Kingdom in the fields of tourism, marketing, economic, financial, Urban and food openness, it was imperative to keep pace with this development and to enter the field of Food via Establishing of Pioneer Enterprises Co. Ltd., which started the operation of the Turkish chain of Restaurants Mado and Kunefeci. And from here, the holding group had the below companies under its Brand name: 

  • Yousef M. Al-Dossary & Sons Holding Group Co.
  • Alsharq Polystyrene Factory Company LTD
  • Al-Banjer Plactic Factory Company LTD
  • Anjad Factory for Advanced Plastic Industries Company LTD
  • Yousef Bin Mohammed Aldossary Real Estate Investment Company LTD
  • Ru’ya Educational Company
  • Ruwad Projects Company LTD


A concept juice store, targeted towards the health conscious youth of Saudi. The freshest local and imported fruits are juiced on the spot to cater for a desire to be healthy and satisfied. It was first introduced in 2016, to meet the need for healthy and delicious juice to be fast, fresh and accessible. We plan on expanding the business by making the brand available in universities, hypermarkets and other commercial venues.



“Kunafeh” is a Middle Eastern dessert well loved and appreciated all over the region. It is so well loved, that it has evolved from a dessert and has been translated through modern fusion cuisine in to savory dishes. The uniqueness of our product lies in it’s high quality ingredients. Sourced directly from Turkey. The pastry and the cheese that comes from aromatized goat’s milk, are delicately prepared by hands that have mastered the craft through painstaking experience. We offer four unique varieties of this beloved dessert, which can only be found in our restaurants. It can also be supplied through our supply chain. Our Turkish specially trained chefs, have mastered the techniques and prepare these delicacies in house, every day to ensure freshness.



The Turkish cafe established in 1850, is a renowned global brand. Recognized for it’s artisanal Turkish icecream “Dondurma”. With more than 240 locations world wide, it stands as a strong gastronomical symbol of Turkish cuisine. We at Ruwad introduced the brand in 2016 to the Saudi market, to fulfill a desire for authentic high quality Turkish cuisine. Trusting in the inherited traditions and techniques of Mado, with practices which date back centuries, to offer Saudis a remarkable and memorable experience. Carrying the essence of Ottoman cuisine which is appreciated world wide. Since it’s introduction, the restaurant has been received well and has a strong following. It is considered the benchmark for locals seeking the Turkish experience. From tea, savory pastries and desserts, Mado stands as the neighborhood cafe.



Quality, creativity and safety are the governing values of our food production.

We mass produce quality meals for businesses and events from our central kitchen. Designed by our executive chef and executed by a line of professional highly trained chefs. Our central kitchen is equipped with all the modern amenities that ensure safety, speed and elaboration. The kitchen is in fact imported with all it’s fittings from Turkey, to better suit the needs of our customized Turkish food department.