Our Services



Quality, creativity and safety are the governing values of our food production. 
We mass produce quality meals for businesses and events from our central kitchen. Designed by our executive chef and executed by a line of professional highly trained chefs. 

Our central kitchen is equipped with all the modern amenities that ensure safety, speed and elaboration. 
The kitchen is in fact imported with all it’s fittings from Turkey, to better suit the needs of our customized Turkish food department. 
Turkish chefs produce Turkish foods and desserts in particular, as the techniques to Turkish pastries require a high skill level to produce meticulously authentic results. 

We also provide Middle Eastern and Western food menus to cater to Hospitals, universities, government entities, as well as being able to cater for large events; such as weddings and festivals. 
We invite you to share our journey, philosophy and indulge in an experience that is sure to be memorable.